Rates for 2008

The total for a project can often be less than adding the individual stated prices.
This is due to discount given to projects that combine several media elements together.

Please contact info@adamsyrop.co.uk if you have any questions or for a exact quote.

Website Design Packages
What's included

upto 4 pages, not client updated includes 1 uk domain name and 2 forwarded email addresses

£250 for 2 years hosting
upto 6 pages, images created/sourced, allows some client updating, includes 2 uk domain names and
3 forwarded email addresses
£500 for 2 years hosting

upto 8 pages, allows client updating, custom graphics, includes some video/flash interactive content, calendar feature, online shop, booking system, includes 2 domain names (1 uk, 1 international) and 4 email addresses with online access

£700 for 2 years hosting

unlimted pages, custom built

£Decided with client


If the project is less than 15 minutes, only the start up cost will be charged


1 man 1 camera - £ 25 per hour

start up cost - £60*

1 man 2 cameras - £ 30 per hour

start up cost - £100*

2 man 2 cameras - £ 55 per hour

start up cost - £100*

Editing / DVD Authoring
Image Alteration/Design
2D/3D Animation

£20 per hour

(1 hour minimum)

£20 per hour

start up cost - £10

£20 per hour
£10 a day rendering time
(1 hour minimum)

Music Composition

£20 per hour

(1 hour minimum)


* travel costs may also be added, please check first

Hourly rates commences after the first 15 minutes of each hour
e.g a 1 hour and 13 minutes project will only be charged startup cost + 1x hourly rate.